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Making the right decisions when you are separating and divorcing can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. 

The advice of well meaning but unqualified friends is worth exactly what you pay for it. Nothing.

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If you have a family law question we have lawyers and other family law professionals available to help you get them answered. Not being able to afford a full service lawyer doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

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Join our site for detailed, plain English instructions on how to complete any of the Family Law processes from lodging an application for Court Orders to applying for a divorce and everything in between.

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Referrals and help to access legal services. No matter your budget there are smart ways to purchase the advice and help you need without being taken for a ride. For people who want to understand their rights and obligations but stay in the drivers seat.

Mediation or Court?

Confused about your family law options?

Wondering how mediation could possibly help if you can’t agree about anything?

Feel like you are being pushed to go to court by your lawyer but you don’t want that?

If you are not sure what to do with regards to Australian Family Law we can help you to work out which of the many options is best for you.

Need help with a letter or document for Court?

Unbundled legal services give you a way to get professional advice and help without the need to pay a retainer into the lawyers trust account.

You tell them what you need, they estimate how long it will take to do and give you a quoted price.

You give the go ahead and get the work done for you. The better the information you can provide the lower the cost so make sure you are prepared and can give them the information they need to work efficiently.

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