Site Under Construction

This site is designed to help those using it to understand Australian Family Law and it’s systems and processes.

The site is still under development however we have made it live to allow people like you to help us to build it by contributing your questions.

The site is owned by Mediation Institute – the mediation and communication training specialist.

It is an initiative to provide more resources for those who are unable to afford full service legal services and/or who want to gain a greater understanding of the family law system for their own professional development or family situation.

Helpful Content

The intention for our site is to provide helpful content about family law including how to’s written in plain english with step by step instructions as well as guides and other resources.

We will fund the project with a monthly membership fee. You remain a member for as long as you need the service and discontinue once it is no longer of benefit.

Beta Testers

We will be soon requiring beta testers to assist us in the development of the site content. As a thank you we will give you a free 2 year membership of the site.

If you are interested in being one of our beta testers please use the form below.

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